Saturday, 26 April 2008

scumbag (link up)

wicked video my new friend chris made for a germlin song. the vocals are by kiki hitomi, another new friend.


This Post is almost a note-to-self, or as a reminder that THIS program exists (and is good).
Countless times in the last year, I've found myself recommending RadioLab - Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich incredible science Podcast - Broadcast on New York Public Radio regularly and available as a download from the site.  Pitched halfway between a Radio Drama / Audio Art piece and a Scientific Forum, the shows are equally as entertaining and addictive, as they are informative. I urge you to subscribe to this podcast, in iTunes, or whatever else you use for 'em.


One of the few perks about living on our street (aside from the piles of trash and the dude next door who blasts Rolling Stones when he is strung out) is that all the wee kids are skaters for some reason. There must be a skate park or skate class or something locally. Even the wee girls wearing head to toe pink have ratty boards which look well used, it's pretty cool. Thought I'd give some props to the Focus Skate Blog, particularly this awesome video of Glasgow Skate Spots.

Untitled from Paul Vx on Vimeo

Jock Steady Crew Blog

24 new teeth

Those who know me, will know i've been a bit scarce of late, buried in the writing and recording of two (and now probably a third!) new albums and projects, not to mention the times i've been away on tour around the uk, or further.
I thought i'd start this new blog off with a mixtape of the songs which have inspired / entertained me throughout this time. 
So here's 20 for New Teeth to celebrate - Twenty tracks of Library Music / Prog / Italo Disco / Hardcore / Zeuhl and Pop Music. The full Tracklisting is included in the file.

rapidshare link 

(note: you'll need unRARx (mac) or winRAR (pc) to unpack the file)