Sunday, 27 July 2008

punky like a tribble

thanks to everyone who came out to the debut joemus show tonight, at stereo!
photos to follow!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Ninja Vampires

Devin Flynn's brillianty daft / almost unwatchably psychedelic animation series for Super Deluxe, "Y'all So Stupid",
is now available to watch online in its entirety.


Did you grunt?

I'm going to see this lot tomorrow, with Lach
I hope i don't regret it, cos it's expensive.
EDIT: the night was fun, even if the band were a bit crap.
I met Gibby and Paul afterwards! I was probably a dork!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Triple School =2

Ace sophomore E.P from Glasgow's Triple School (Giles and Tom)
made available as a free download by plucky and neat indie label Winning Sperm Party.

DOWNLOAD (zip file contains the seven mp3s at 192kbps, artwork, and a PDF lyric sheet)

More info here

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, 10 July 2008


The Remix i did for French producer digiki is going to get released properly on his upcoming Remix Record, "Dense Music". The album has a pretty interesting concept - As Antonin says, the notion of a remix record has become pretty stale and predictable, so he commisioned various artists (including Dexpistols , E*Rock and me!) to make almost impossible 'dance' versions of his already awkward, stuttering music. In his own words:

"Its title, a reference to the (failed) concept of recording music without using a beat as a base, was clearly an indication that I had no plans to have the songs remixed in a danceable way. Often (wrongly) perceived as a DJ and having done myself my fair share of remixes in the past, I wanted to present true original material, without appealing to any particular audience."

check Antonin's full liner notes to the record here
It was a pleasure to be involved in this album and I'm stoked to get MY Digiki remix back from Antonin soon!

full tracklisting:
01 Intro / Desktop Music (Antonin ‘LV’ Gaultier Juliana re-dub)
02 Kraftpunk (Donovan Remix)
03 Cease & Desist (Audioporno Remix)
04 Non Plus (Germlin Dancefloor Version)
05 Cease & Desist (O.Lamm Remix)
06 Paper Bits (E*Rock Remix)
07 Desktop Music (Duck Rock Remix)
08 Kraftpunk (Dexpistols ‘Too Late’ Remix)
09 Pancaked Again (Overcooked by Jean Nipon)
10 Jeon Ju (Pancaked Again Carl Stone Remix)
11 Beat Vacation (Mondkopf Remix)
12 Skip Skap (Skip Released by Popular Computer)
13 Pancaked Again (Toshiyuki Yasuda Remix)

The record'll be available soon through the usual outlets!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Whooops, Rapidshare have blocked my new mixtape due to "suspected illegal content".
I think it was probably to do with kraftwerk being involved, I suspect they have one of those web sheriff agents or something. Anyway, i'll do my best to re-up the mixtape with an altered tracklisting SOMEWHERE ELSE in the next few days. hold tight!

Monday, 7 July 2008


money, originally uploaded by l_m_s_n.

Like I said in my previous post, this bunch are doing some awesome stuff and I want to help in any way i can!
Support UK small press / comics / DIY artists!

From Leon Sadler:
"Me and my brother are setting up a publishing project, but we need to raise a bit of funds to get things rolling. If anyone wants to buy any of my books, they're on here now
Just email cathopreicon (at), and u can pay by paypal. all prices on the site include worldwide postage.
Revenge Fantasy and Famicon Collection 003 aren't available at the moment though.
For an extra £5 I will also include your own special drawing.
If you send me a t-shirt and £10 I'll do a painting on it and send it back to you. (£13 outside of europe to compensate for the extra postage cost)

Laurent Plessiet from frederic magazine just made these silkscreen prints of my drawing. They done DIY style so the print 'quality' varies on each one. They're black on aged paper, approx A4 size, edition of 27. I have made 4 hand coloured versions.
normal version = €10
colour version = €25"


Sunday, 6 July 2008


Taken from The Rad Project


Me and Emma, doing essential duties during the set-up of the Dark Horses show at Recoat.
The hats are IKEA Crayfish Party hats.


Danny Baker, presenting 20th Century Box, a Janet Street Porter commissioned series, documenting fads and the like. This episode is entitled 'Iron Maiden and the new wave of British Heavy Metal'. awesome.

Saturday, 5 July 2008


li-'l bulllet, originally uploaded by stefan sadler.

Emma and I just spent a few days hanging out with our buddies Kitty and Stefan, from Famicon collective. If you're in Glasgow, check out Kitty's contribution to the Dark Horses Show at Recoat Gallery, open till sometime in august - You can also pick up some Famicon Zines and Prints while you're there. If you aren't a real person, you can just look at their website. Awesome comics and videos! props.


I'm starting a new band. Its called 'Ben Butler and Mouse Pad'.
check it out here
from Joe.