Monday, 7 July 2008


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Like I said in my previous post, this bunch are doing some awesome stuff and I want to help in any way i can!
Support UK small press / comics / DIY artists!

From Leon Sadler:
"Me and my brother are setting up a publishing project, but we need to raise a bit of funds to get things rolling. If anyone wants to buy any of my books, they're on here now
Just email cathopreicon (at), and u can pay by paypal. all prices on the site include worldwide postage.
Revenge Fantasy and Famicon Collection 003 aren't available at the moment though.
For an extra £5 I will also include your own special drawing.
If you send me a t-shirt and £10 I'll do a painting on it and send it back to you. (£13 outside of europe to compensate for the extra postage cost)

Laurent Plessiet from frederic magazine just made these silkscreen prints of my drawing. They done DIY style so the print 'quality' varies on each one. They're black on aged paper, approx A4 size, edition of 27. I have made 4 hand coloured versions.
normal version = €10
colour version = €25"


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