Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Good Morning, Mr. Orwell (Nam Jun Paik, 1984) *edit*

There's something about this era (early to mid eighties) that I'm finding totally fascinating, inspiring and immersive right now. Maybe its the boldness, synthesizers, "excitement of new technology"; or maybe as Emma suggests, it's the combination of this and a sort of half remembered familiarity - after all, I was one when this film was broadcast, by satellite, all round the world on new year's day.

I think its also to do with how the era was able to be preserved - on (now) warped, scrambled VHS tapes, made even weirder by digitisation - all adds to this dream-like feel. Very influential!
If anyone has access to the entire film, please let me know.

*EDIT* - edited version available on UBUWEB, thanks Robert!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Today's Humana Finds 12/09/09

Today I think we traded in 3 or 4 months of fruitless visits to Humana for one brilliant 30 minutes. Easily 3 or 4 months worth of good finds in one go!

neat black jumper / pullover

never been worn!

marled cotton polo shirt

awesome old deadstock long johns!

label detail

Friday, 4 September 2009



1995, originally uploaded by PULLED-UP.

Easily one of my favourite things in the entire world. Emma was a much cooler ten year old than me!
What age where you when you got the internet / made your first website? Did you ever preserve it like this?

Just think of all the rubbish / gems floating about on geocities or tripod or whatever that's gradually disappearing - will no record of these sites remain in a few years, or even now?


Posterity is pretty cool.

Tonight - Star6 demo at la terrasse (maria)

get down to maria's (hopefully) sunny terrasse for some short *live* star6 based sets tonight, from Jackson, Guido Mobius, Kiki Moorse, Jason Forrest, Song Band and Ben Butler & Mousepad....

if you don't already know about star6, check it out!

Star6 Introduction from Star6 on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

slingshot dude