Thursday, 31 December 2009

6 demos down

6 demos down, originally uploaded by bean butler.

i'm pleased to report that work is going great on the Ben Butler & Mousepad album!
More soon!


2009, originally uploaded by bean butler.

happy new year everyone, hope 2010 is good for you!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Deerhoof - Custom Made (double 7")

Deerhoof's new 7" for ATP Recordings features my remix of 'Rrrrrrrright!' from 'Runners Four'.

buy at Boomkat
buy at Norman Records

Sunday, 20 December 2009


Bastelspaß book
Browsing BastelspaßCraft leftovers
Glühwein and stollen
Amande und Jan
Handmade Santa

christmas crafting w/ gluhwien and stollen, at Jans. Nice day!
all photos by Emma.

Saturday, 19 December 2009


melting mandrill

Thursday, 17 December 2009

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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Bogus Totem Summer / I Play Gay Downloads

repost from

To celebrate the release of our new album, we thought we'd explore our past a bit too - We realised we had a bunch of releases that were no longer available and were in need of archiving.

So, we present two (old) new GvsY releases for you to download!These are available to buy in a bunch of different formats and fully embeddable on blogs etc. so please share / Tell a friend! Check out our page for more info.

Firstly, Bogus Totem Summer is a redux of our summer 2007 tour release. It's a collaboration with our favourite artist and animator, Arran Ridley, who also made the art for our new record. We commissioned Arran to make videos for each of the songs on the ep - he got his friend dan to do the last one! I reckon this is one of the best records we made and the cd-r / dvd edition is long sold out, so it's nice for it to be available again! The videos come with the download.

Secondly, 'I Play Gay'. I guess this is sort of a mutant 'covers' record, except the covers are parallel versions, performed by a bunch of pals (Dananananaykroyd, House Mouse, Agaskodo Teliverek and Dolby Anol) of early GvsY songs, with us doing the vocals. Weird idea!
Anyway, this was planned to be a 7" release, with the brilliant Bill & Ted inspired comic, by Stefan Sadler (from the Famicon collective) included. Here it is, to download, in its weirdo glory! The music comes with a high quality .PDF of the comic.

We're really proud of these packages and we hope you like them too!
Thanks to Arran and Stefan for making the fantastic art, comics and video!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

mad swing mixtape

a mini mix i made this afternoon!

mast nakamura - spring yard zone (sonic the hedgehog)
dam funk - toeachizown
dorian concept - tropical hands
howard johnson - say you wanna (james pants edit)
funkineven - mad swing
extra t's - ET boogie
hudson mohawke - just decided
botchy - sing what you want (rusko mix)
printed circuit - 0034 greyskull (ben butler & mousepad mix)
architeq - sleeping bear lament (james pants mix)

as ever: Carefully chosen / sloppily mixed by Bean Butler, in Berlin.


Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Blessings Mixtape

A mix of the best of the LuckyMe collective, exclusively available as a free download from Featuring Hudson Mohawke, Mike Slott, RKGB, Lunice and more (including a new Ben Butler & Mousepad track!)



Larry Gold - 'Intro'
Hudson Mohawke ft Olivier Day Soul - 'Joy Fantastic'
Little Dragon - 'My Step'
Bookworms - 'African Rhythms'
Aaliyah - 'One in a Million (RKGB Refix)'
Memory Cassettes - 'Last One Awake'
Mike Slott - 'Snow Birds'
Theopilus London - 'Enjoy the Sun'
Ben Butler and Mousepad - 'Future Tent'
Seiji - 'I Can't Let It Go'
Lunice - 'One of Me'
Donell Jones - 'You Know What's Up (Blessings Remix)'
Maximillion Dunbar - 'K'
Drake - 'Best I Ever Had (Ruckazoid Remix)'
Amanda Blank - 'Make It Take It (Eli Escobar Remix Beat)'
Sweat X - 'I'm That Alley (Mike Slott Vocal Mix)'
G Five - 'Spotlight Instrumental'
Hudson Mohawke - 'Twistclip Loop'
League 510 - To the Beat (Trackademicks Remix)
Zakee Kuduro ft Anbuley - 'Sane Eba'
Tom Trago - 'Lost in NYC (Actress Remix)'
Mr Beatnick - 'Fallin Apples'

Friday, 16 October 2009


new GvsY album available for pre-order (on salmon pink vinyl (!!!) with poster and awesome artwork by arran ridley!) from Upset the Rhythm

buy the cd version (with trippy digipack / cd design) from ADAADAT

With 'Righteous Signals, Sour Dudes', Joe and Lachlann have written a new album which leaps and bounds over their debut 'Musclemilk', released in 2007 by Adaadat. The dual title is symbolic of the struggle for creative compromise and two pals who are still learning how to work together - they couldn't agree, so they named it twice - it works out. Similarly, the music clashes too, it strikes bargains and agrees to disagree. The album finds progressive rock trying to sit alongside synth-pop and afrobeat, whilst disco bumps into hardcore, before transcending tropically. There's a lot going on but somehow it makes sense.

Album opener "Cruisin" is a reckless, careering 8-bit punk sideswipe, with hollered words and an ardent keyboard line. "Geomancer" is a bubbling brew of stammering beats and coupled vocals. "Stranded In Jurassic Park" tells the tale of buddies chased by dinosaurs into the path of five desert dwelling aggressors over a pulsating call and response track, which shape shifts with every line. The band try their hand at epic balladry with "Glorious Dawn2, whilst "Magic Eye" is a breakneck pop song lost amidst the pogo and guitar wrangle. 'Righteous Signals, Sour Dudes' is an album about unsatisfactory magic, testing friendships and Niels Bohr. It is also a record about forgetting boundaries and forgiving fun.

During the making of this album, Gay Against You played many hundred shows across Europe. They've toured constantly playing some less than likely spaces including caves, cellars, boats, roofs and even on the banks of a fjord. They've had their passports stolen, gone through 20 odd costumes, two guitars, two keyboards and two laptops, broken their teeth and fallen from tall speakers onto unsuspecting pianos. They want to thank everyone who's helped them along the way, and they more than do that with this record.

hancock / zawinul / lava?

collected keyboard goodness to celebrate our heating being fixed! warm apartments!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Playberlin Halloween Podcast

I made a new mixtape / horspiel / podcast, along with johannes and John Eric, for my friends at PlayBerlin. We're going to do a new episode every week, in the run up to their special Halloween Show (where Ben Butler & Mousepad will also be performing!) Check it out below, or subscribe using iTunes, or Subscribe by RSS. As you might have guessed, its all about Time Travel.

haruomi hosono – cochin moon
chris & cosey – put yourself in los angeles (intro)
phillip glass – lady day / man parrish – hip hop be bop (don’t stop) pt. II
steve hillage – fourever rainbow (intro)
crash course in science – mechanical breakdown
magma – mekanik kommandoh
black dice – nite creme
cromagnon – fantasy / caledonia
kiem – time doesn’t heal
roger limb – nyssa is hypnotised (bbc radiophonic workshop)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


video by emma, jumper by mauerpark, microsynth by some dude in neukolln.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

HAPPY JOE, originally uploaded by PULLED-UP.

Gerew 21

Gerew 21, originally uploaded by PULLED-UP.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Adrian Belew Interview

on 'In The Mode', Public Access TV, 1982

Robert Fripp - Wimborne to New York

from Late Night In Concert, BBC2, 1985

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Good Morning, Mr. Orwell (Nam Jun Paik, 1984) *edit*

There's something about this era (early to mid eighties) that I'm finding totally fascinating, inspiring and immersive right now. Maybe its the boldness, synthesizers, "excitement of new technology"; or maybe as Emma suggests, it's the combination of this and a sort of half remembered familiarity - after all, I was one when this film was broadcast, by satellite, all round the world on new year's day.

I think its also to do with how the era was able to be preserved - on (now) warped, scrambled VHS tapes, made even weirder by digitisation - all adds to this dream-like feel. Very influential!
If anyone has access to the entire film, please let me know.

*EDIT* - edited version available on UBUWEB, thanks Robert!