Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Good Morning, Mr. Orwell (Nam Jun Paik, 1984) *edit*

There's something about this era (early to mid eighties) that I'm finding totally fascinating, inspiring and immersive right now. Maybe its the boldness, synthesizers, "excitement of new technology"; or maybe as Emma suggests, it's the combination of this and a sort of half remembered familiarity - after all, I was one when this film was broadcast, by satellite, all round the world on new year's day.

I think its also to do with how the era was able to be preserved - on (now) warped, scrambled VHS tapes, made even weirder by digitisation - all adds to this dream-like feel. Very influential!
If anyone has access to the entire film, please let me know.

*EDIT* - edited version available on UBUWEB, thanks Robert!


tomasz. said...

good post... i really must remember to comment on yr hactual blog rather than the Facebook pull-through.

interesting-looking film there. will no doubt peruse that later. is the guy in the bottom two pictures a GvsY style magus, by any chance?


Joseph J Howe said...

its ryuichi sakamoto, of yellow magic orchestra fame, my hero.

tomasz. said...

ha! i'm too good at this game.

don't know lots of his stuff but i lamely offer a fondness for "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence".