Sunday, 18 July 2010

Today's Fleamarket finds.

Today i basically swopped a load of old clothes and stuff for two nice new (to me!) records from the stall owner next to us.

First off is "PRISMS" by Michael Garrison, which i picked up because of the inclusion of the Syntar and the liner notes on the back, e.g -

'Special thanks to Pat "total energy" Welch for all photo work'

The music is moody, serious and thin-sounding, with very plastic drums. Very "New Age"-y. In a good way.

Next is "TRIP IN THE CENTER HEAD" by Space Art, from France. This has a great salmon pink, checquered back cover and a neat picture of an astronaut or anti-radiation guy, with a reflection of mountains and fruit trees in his visor.
The music is silly and colourful space pop.

Friday, 16 July 2010

So now that 20JazzFunkGreats has lifted the lid, we can now reveal our latest endeavour - Future Tent Remixes.

We asked our pals to reimagine this track, to celebrate the release of our first 7", on DodPop and these are the results.

Check out other excellent music from Genuine Guy, Sun Papa (aka Sun Ok Papi Ko, Baleine3000, mouche man etc.), Thunderous Mountain, The Niallist, oMMM, Splashwave, and Tangles. (Mouse over names for links!)

The downloads are free and fully bloggable, so please share them!

<a href="">Future Tent (Genuine Guy Remix) by Ben Butler &amp; Mousepad</a>

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Moving Sounds Mixtape

Everything's moving just now. Except when it's too hot; Everything is static and still when it's too hot.
Here's some library music to move to!
NB - I've decided to use Soundcloudto host my mixtapes from now on.

Moving Sounds Mixtape by ben butler & mousepad

Thanks to dusty shelf and the growing bin for lots of these great tunes! Subscribe to both of them!