Sunday, 18 July 2010

Today's Fleamarket finds.

Today i basically swopped a load of old clothes and stuff for two nice new (to me!) records from the stall owner next to us.

First off is "PRISMS" by Michael Garrison, which i picked up because of the inclusion of the Syntar and the liner notes on the back, e.g -

'Special thanks to Pat "total energy" Welch for all photo work'

The music is moody, serious and thin-sounding, with very plastic drums. Very "New Age"-y. In a good way.

Next is "TRIP IN THE CENTER HEAD" by Space Art, from France. This has a great salmon pink, checquered back cover and a neat picture of an astronaut or anti-radiation guy, with a reflection of mountains and fruit trees in his visor.
The music is silly and colourful space pop.

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