Thursday, 15 October 2009

Playberlin Halloween Podcast

I made a new mixtape / horspiel / podcast, along with johannes and John Eric, for my friends at PlayBerlin. We're going to do a new episode every week, in the run up to their special Halloween Show (where Ben Butler & Mousepad will also be performing!) Check it out below, or subscribe using iTunes, or Subscribe by RSS. As you might have guessed, its all about Time Travel.

haruomi hosono – cochin moon
chris & cosey – put yourself in los angeles (intro)
phillip glass – lady day / man parrish – hip hop be bop (don’t stop) pt. II
steve hillage – fourever rainbow (intro)
crash course in science – mechanical breakdown
magma – mekanik kommandoh
black dice – nite creme
cromagnon – fantasy / caledonia
kiem – time doesn’t heal
roger limb – nyssa is hypnotised (bbc radiophonic workshop)

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