Saturday, 26 April 2008

24 new teeth

Those who know me, will know i've been a bit scarce of late, buried in the writing and recording of two (and now probably a third!) new albums and projects, not to mention the times i've been away on tour around the uk, or further.
I thought i'd start this new blog off with a mixtape of the songs which have inspired / entertained me throughout this time. 
So here's 20 for New Teeth to celebrate - Twenty tracks of Library Music / Prog / Italo Disco / Hardcore / Zeuhl and Pop Music. The full Tracklisting is included in the file.

rapidshare link 

(note: you'll need unRARx (mac) or winRAR (pc) to unpack the file)


Dylan said...

this has been an exhilarating musical pilgrimage

daviduxe said...

awesome, keep it up! i've discovered so many wonderful things from your various blogs.