Monday, 25 August 2008


This one is a musical apology for the disappearance of Mixtape III.
Mixed by DJ Bean Butler, in Berlin. Monday 25th August 2008.

savieur mallia - automatic meteor
giles, giles and fripp - murder
magma - nonono
mahotella queens - uthulli lwezichwe
richard hell and the voidoids - new pleasure
p****e - why you wanna treat me so bad
amon duul II - restless skylight transistor
unknown artist - manje re
devo - doctor detroit
mahavishnu orchestra - meeting of the spirits
brian eno - golden hours

Prog / Synth / Pop / Psyche / Hi Life / Ambient



daviduxe said...
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Mark said...

like it a lot!

i see you've got 20jazzfunkgreats on your blogroll - isn't it ace? seeing how you've got hi life on the new mixtape, do you know about awesome tapes from africa? it's another music blog, by an ethnomusicologist from brooklyn.

Joseph J Howe said...

hey mark, hows it going? missing glasgow a bit by now!
yeah the 20jfg guys are pals of mine, they've put us on lots in brighton and we were hanging out with them recently at ATP. i think i found out about a.t.f.a from you actually? i read it every once in a while, some good stuff! what other blogs do you subscribe to? interesting!
see ya sometime!

Mark said...

it's not a music blog, but i've just discovered this - it's about maps! and this - on "architectural conjecture" and "urban speculation" !! pretty cool!

would be great to see you when you're back! been keeping up to date on flickr - looks like you're having a great time! :-)

rbdx said...

nice selecta joe! I like this dj mix

Joseph J Howe said...

thanks dude!