Sunday, 12 April 2009

long live summer!

spring has sprung in berlin! its pretty summer-y so lets just call it summer already.
new mixtape, in the usual sloppy, badly mixed style....
i've tried to represent (musically) my experience of spring / summer here so far -
so there's a bunch of synth solos and rhythm and romance and voices, science, warmth, friendship - at least hopefully!
if anyone needs a sloppy deejay for parties, let me know!
long live summer!


focus group - salty sun tales
deutscher kaiser - tempo! tempo!
arsenal - relay race
jacques siroul - gratte-ciel
like a tim - like 11-2
prince - i feel for you
david sylvain & ryuichi sakamoto - nassau
amari - le gite fuori porta
YU - my dna
DMX krew - bad boy

thanks to mutant sounds for inspiration / tracks!


shortbread said...

ooooooh i do like a bit of DMX. thank you for the mix its great.

Moggieboy said...

Thanks for this - came across it via a comment on my blog:

Dylan said...

first song sounds like bonk's revenge winter level