Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Happy 100!

To help us get in the mood to celebrate, here's a new mix I made for Diesel U Music in London.

Download Here / Tracklisting Here

I suppose there's a couple of repeats but it IS for the real-life radio and I figured you'd forgive me, considering that there's no Michael Jackson on it, anywhere.

Talking of Radio, I made four jingles for Max Tundra's Rotogravure, my pal Ben's excellent show on Resonance Fm. (actually, their website seems a bit buggy right now, best head to london to tune in on 104.4fm). Anyway, I'll hopefully be repeating this feat every week until the close of the series - so listen out for them, Saturdays 2.30pm G.M.T.

PPS there's now a little widget on the top right of the blog (underneath dancing snoopy) that lets you listen to and indeed purchase THRASH'R by Germlin. If you're feeling flush and want to show a little bit of support for all this occasional free stuff, click download and choose your price. Thanks again to everyone who's bought a copy so far.

1 comment:

tomasz. said...

that's so weird, i hit 100 this week as well, although i've only actually published 80, so i suppose i do have some way to go yet.

will download yr mix when i get home... track list included?