Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Amongst the Slush

Things are continuing apace, albeit quietly. Everything's hidden beneath a layer of snow, or slush.
Meanwhile, you can chart the depressing curve of less and less frequent blog entries!

Recently, I've been charged with two Max Tundra related mix projects -

A) Coming up with an hour or so of tracks to play between bands at 'One Night with Max Tundra' at Cargo, London.
(facebook invite here)
Me and the "psychic deejay", Pete Um are to fulfill our roles as mp3 / vinyl jockeys. REAL deejaying will be supplied later, by Silverlink and G£nuin£ Guy respectively.

B) Coming up with some mixtapes to make the long drives on my January / February Uk Tour with Ben more bearable. How will i be able to resolve the inner desire to geek out with the sensible notion of actually having listenable / relaxing music on the player?

So i'll be posting some new mixes in order to try these out here, soon!
Comments, please!

Oh and any Glasgow pals still needing something to do on new years eve, please come along to THIS

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