Monday, 17 November 2008

remix! - Love Lockdown *edit*

I read this article in the guardian last week, regarding Kanye West's new album and how his ambition has transcended hip hop, heralding the birth of a new musical genre, "pop-art".
Now, while not being a huge fan of Kanye, I think he's generally got the right idea this time - Its awesome to see a big name star of his status, openly calling for progression and change in both the hip hop and indeed pop music communities. 95% of UK and US top forty singles are pap nowadays, so this can only be a good thing. Let's hope it provokes a bit of competition too - If Kanye is aiming to be the noughties Phil Collins, maybe 50 Cent can get way into world music and take on the mantle of Peter Gabriel.

To get 'em started, here's my remix of Kanye's Love Lockdown.

oh, and re: Tom's question, I'm not convinced that mr West has what it takes to single handedly pioneer a new genre, nor do i think hip hop particularly needs saving - Maybe Kanye's statement can be seen as challenge or a catalyst to others, to keep striving for originality and keep creative. Whatever grandiose and inflated opinions K. West might have of himself, its nice to see pop music holding a mirror up to itself again.

p.s I tried to make it sound like Alexander O'Neal.


kevin said...


i love when it starts to kick up at 2.20. more please.

tomasz said...

dunno about this, Joey-man. obviously progression cannot be fronted on - but is that what 'Ye is really going for here?

"Washed in synths" and "underpinned by... tribal drums" it might be, but, erm, so were most Neptunes productions ca. 2001. And "hip-hop is too easy"? Just seems like an open invitation for hip-hop to interpret Kanye as damage and route around him.

Plus, it hardly needs to be said, but Phil Collins is shit anyway, even as a drummer!

downloading ya mix now boyyyeeeee

tomasz. said...

fair do's, your added paragraph i cannot really quibble with, good points and well made.

i have to confess, i might have to try and get the 50'/Gabriel ball rolling, tho. that shit's got legs.