Saturday, 3 January 2009

Best For 2009!

A happy 2009 to everyone. I've got a good feeling for this year and i think it'll be great for creativity, positivity and ideas, even if it might not be great for money, stability etc. I feel like its a good time to be taking some chances, trying new things, experimenting, being confident and excited again.

My new year's reading has been mostly 'On some faraway beach', the Brian Eno Biography, by David Sheppard. Its been sparking a lot of interesting ideas and leading to some music I'd never explored or long forgotten about, which is very refreshing and inspiring.

As both an encouragement to myself and the record-making class of 2009, and also a way of saying thank-you, I've put together the first mixtape of the new year, which is loosely Eno based / assosciated and roughly charts (albeit in a fairly lateral / non-logical way) how i've been jumping from record to record over the last few days. It's a soft, happy, positive and ponderous mix.

(Tracklisting is included in the files).

Hope you enjoy and do your best for 2009!


Brainlove said...

Joe this is awesome!

Joseph J Howe said...

thanks buddy.

tomasz. said...

cheers matey, grabbing this now.

inspired by you, i actually put my own mixtape-to-give-away-on-blog together but i've not posted it up yet.