Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Food Hell *update*

I'm getting ready to go on tour again, this time an 8 day trip as BB&MP, with Max Tundra. As a vegan, road trips tend to require a bit of planning and while i should be able to mostly rely on promoters and venues to provide something decent, its always worth looking up veggie and vegan options in the various cities i'm to visit.

While looking for vegan options in Coventry (a city i've never visited, as far as i know), I came across the reviews page (linked from google maps) for Browns Cafe and Bar. I have to admit, after having looked through the dozens of irate reviews on this page, I'm slightly obsessed and keen to go, just to see what its like! It sounds like a diner's hell! Here's a taster of the reviews! Click the link above to read more.

"On 3 separate occasions within the last year (the last time being last weekend) the male friend I have been with has been refused entry. On the last occasion when asked why we could not come in the doorman said "I do not have to give a reason". I found this extremely rude and not the impression of Coventry I want to give to my vegan friends that are new to the city." - Jo (Coventry) wrote on 25 October 2005

"Browns is most definatly the worst place i have ever visited. The owner manager is incredibly rude, even nasty, how they get away with it is beyond me! Disabled people are not allowed in, also if you're face don't fit. I wouldn't go in there if I was starving. If you have any ethics please give it a miss." - Rea (Coventry) wrote on 25 November 2007

"I went to Browns for lunch with some friends, a lady took their orders and ignored me then told them I wouldn’t be getting served. I inquired as to why I was being refused service at which the lady replied she didn’t have to give a reason. I asked how she would feel if she were in my shoes and she replied "offended". I told her I wanted to put in a complaint regarding her very rude and unpleasant attitude, she told me that she was BROWN and that she ran the place." - Shaz (Coventry) wrote on 10 January 2008

"dont go near the place , is and always has been crap. the owners are rude and offensive and, if you are allowed in, you will probably get asked to leave for no apparent reason." - john guinan (Coventry) wrote on 3 September 2008

It's totally fascinating - How on earth does a restaurant stay open when the staff are obviously paranoid, xenophobes? I'm curious as to whether they are bound to a trade (veggie food) that they hate and want to pass on their bile to the public?

"Despite having ordered and paid for our three meals we were asked to leave by the bouncer before our food even arrived. We were beyond shocked and when we asked why the bouncer said 'I don't have to give you a reason.'
We didn't get a refund, we just got booted."
- Sara McRaferty (Coventry) wrote on 8 September 2008

"Avoid this place at all costs they are ageist and just want badly dressed comfortable shoe wearing weridos like the owner.
the doormen are rude."
- Paul Bottomley (Sheffield) wrote on 3 October 2008

"Recently, my auntie, who is a long standing customer of Ken Brown and his daughter, sadly passed away. On the day of the funeral, a small number of us decided it would be fitting to have dinner there, just as she so often had. Upon entry to the pub, dressed quite obviously in our funeral wear, we were told by the lovely lady there that our custom was not required and we were to leave immediately.
When we explained why we were there and who it was for, she responded with a polite 'Your funeral is not my problem and u aint gettin served so leave now'."
- Kevin Quinn (Coventry) wrote on 8 December

Vegan Flashmob, anyone?

*update* Join the 'I have never been served at browns' Facebook group!


tomasz. said...

sounds like a fascinating place. i like the fact that they evidently manage to stay in business successfully despite inspiring such hatred.

Anonymous said...

tell us how it goes

Joseph J Howe said...

i will!

A. Atanassova said...
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A. Atanassova said...

Joseh J Howe, I've been reading your blog for months. Your profile is set to private so please shoot me an email at satanasssova@gmail.com; I have a proposition.

Billy said...

Haha, sounds like a vegan Fawlty Towers!

Anonymous said...

Where you hitting for vegan bitez in London? Pogo cafe is mere minutes from Cargo and it's ace. Let me know if you're going cause I want an excuse to go eat there!

Nick Holloway said...

The website says:

Due to excess spam we would kindly ask you to make your initial contact with Browns by mail or telephone. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I wonder if that means they've been bombarded by e-hate-mail.